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Data Use Policy

Sometimes we process your data automatically or manually. Here's how it's done.

When you visit the site, we set a few cookies which are used to save your preferences. These can be removed or blocked easily using most browsers.

For a mixture of security and analytics, we log certain details of each page load. This helps us identify fake activity, and allows us to determine the success of different parts of the site.

If you submit a form — either the contact form or the tenant registration form — we'll receive any details you enter. When you submit the form, you give us permission to store and process your data for the purpose specified on the form, and to answer any questions you might ask in the open response boxes.

If at any time you wish to receive a copy of the data we hold about you, please submit a request via the contact form. Your request must begin with Data Copy Request. In this case, we'll use the details you supply (name, email, phone number and any other details you provide) to link your request to the data we hold. We do not associate your activity on this website with our office records, therefore there is no personally identifiable data held in our website logs.

If you would like us to remove any data we may hold about you, please use the contact form and begin your message with Data Removal Request. We'll use your data as above.
In limited circumstances we may refuse to remove data, for example if you have an ongoing tenancy agreement with us, or other continuing business.